Please give me another chance to defeat the Kyurangers...!
~ Final words before Death

Southern King is the Jark Matter Karo of the Crux system, where Jark Matter's capital planet of Southern Cross is based, and a supporting antagonist in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

He is voiced by Kenji Hamada who previously voiced Dynamoian Terry X, Hyouga, a Seal Shadow and Kuroari.


The Southern King originally ruled as king of the planet Minami and the Crux system, abiding by the philosophy that the weak were destined only to serve the will of the strong. When the Jark Matter Shogunate invaded his system however, the Southern King sold out his people to Jark Matter in exchange for being granted the title of Karo of Crux system by Don Armage. Within the Southern Cross system, the Jark Matter set up their own capital on planet Southern Cross.

The Kyurangers eventually confront him after they break into the Crux System to confront Don Armage.


  • The Southern King's suit is a recolor of the Black Cross King suit, possibly suggesting they are of the same species.


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