The Sovereign Sons are an enemy faction from Champions Online and they are a fusion of both a Voodoo cult and a criminal organization who use black magic as well as more traditional forms of intimidation and murder to illegally seize power both in their native Vibora Bay and other regions of the world.


The Sovereign Sons arrived in Vibora Bay in the mid 1990s as a large, well armed gang from Jamaica, the Dominion Republic, and a few other Carribbean nations. They were willing and eager to use violence to secure their place in the city and eliminated a number of smaller gangs while establishing themselves. They eventually controlled Weston, although turf wars sometimes break out with the surrounding gangs. In recent days some of their foot soldiers appear to be zombies, which is concerning on many levels and points to the Sovereign Sons gaining more power unless they’re stopped.



  • Bokors
  • Serviteurs
  • Mambos
  • Mixologists


  • Botonos
  • Houngans

Master Villains

  • Loa

Named Master Villains

  • HeebieJeebie

Super Villains

  • Le Blanc
  • Marinette-Bwa-Chech
  • Baba Kifo


  • Baron Cimetiere


  • Gris-Gris
  • Jujus
  • Mojo Rising


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