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The Space Bosozoku Bowzock are the main antagonists of Gekisou Sentai Carranger. They are a gang of dimwitted alien bikers who travel around the universe destroying planets for fun.


The Bowzock were originally founded by Gynamo and Zelmoda, two bikers who were rivals until they decided to join together. They later gained prominent members in Grotch and Zonnette, the rogue princess of planet Fanbelt.

After getting his fortune told by Suzogue, who convinced him he would have good luck by destroying planets, Gynamo led the Bowzock on a spree of pillaging and destroying planets, among them the planet Hazard which Dappu was from. Eventually they came to Earth and targeted it for destruction after Zonnette expressed that she wanted to see it explode like a firework. However, a group of five humans were recruited by Dappu to become the Carrangers and defended the planet from the Bowzock's invasion.

After numerous failures, Gynamo brought in Instructor Ritchihiker to assist the Bowzock in their evil schemes. However, after becoming Ritchiritchihiker, the Instructor ousted Gynamo and took control of the Bowzock himself only to later be destroyed in battle. Gynamo subsequently returned to being leader of the Bowzock.

It is later revealed that the Bowzock were really being manipulated by Exhaus, who had disguised himself as "Suzogue" in order to get them to destroy planets for him as part of his plan to build a universal highway. Exhaus later persuades the Bowzock into working with him by telling them that they could dominate his highway once it was completed. However, after using them to defeat the Carrangers, Exhaus betrays them and tries to wipe them all out, leaving them to team up with the Carrangers to stop him.

After Exhaus was defeated, the Bowzock split up as all their members decided to change their ways and become law-abiding citizens. Gynamo returned to being a waiter at the restaurant he worked at while banished by Ritchihiker while Zelmoda and Grotch go to elementary school to get a proper education and Vanity Mirror, formerly Zonnette, returns to her homeworld of Fanbelt.


  • President Gynamo - Founder / Leader
  • Zelmoda - Co-Founder / Deputy Leader
  • Grotch
  • Zonnette
  • Ritchihiker - Director of Human Resources / Leader (temporarily)


  • As evidenced by their name, they are based on the Bōsōzoku subculture in Japan.


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