Space Mama is a villain in the original Rayman video game. She is the fourth major boss employed by the game's main antagonist, Mr. Dark, in efforts to thwart Rayman's attempts to free the Electoons and restore harmony to the world.


Space Mama is a slightly overweight, blonde haired woman armed with a rolling pin. In her first appearance, she is dressed in viking attire. In her second appearance she has a more futuristic space-themed turquoise suit.



She is first met at the end of the Picture City level Eraser Plains where she is fought on a theatre stage after Rayman defeats her cabin boy henchmen. She enters the stage via a cannon from a ship in the background of the stage. Space Mama attacks Rayman with throwing knives; some of these knives stick into the ground, upon which Rayman can jump onto their hilts to bounce up and punch Space Mama to deliver damage.

After her first defeat in Eraser Plains, she appears again in Space Mama's Crater, where she is again fought on a stage, this time with a space background. Space Mama enters the battle this time via a flying washing machine, which can damage Rayman. She will subsequently shoot Rayman with lasers from her rolling pin, as well as use the washing machine as a shield from Rayman's punches. She will also drop pressure cookers onto Rayman from above which will explode and deal damage to him. After her defeat at the Crater, she later appears in two of Mr. Dark's hybrid transformations during the final battle. She is first fused with Bzzit and then with both Bzzit and Mr. Sax.

Rayman Advance (GBA)

As a direct port of Rayman 1, she appears again as she did in the original game.

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