The Space Pirate Fleet Descal are an army of space pirates seeking to conquer Earth and the main antagonistic faction of the first third of Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.


Led by Captain Barder and the Three Shoguns, the Descal Pirate Fleet arrived on Earth in the year 2005 with the goal of collecting the Cosmo Capsules and conquering the planet. While they were successful in the original timeline, 495 years in the future, a team of human resistance fighters named Sazer-X traveled back in time to the date of Descal's original invasion to prevent the Earth from being taken over by the Descal.

Their invasion suffered a blow after Captain Barder was revealed to be a robot and short-circuited when lightning struck their flagship. Their ship was later destroyed by Sazer-X, however the Three Shoguns were saved by their descendants, the Neo Descal Pirate Fleet, who traveled back in time from the future to ensure the success of the Descal invasion.

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