Sparkles is a world-champion dog that competed against in the Grojband episode Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow. Sparkles was down to the final two with Kon in the dog competition. The final round was a sled pulling race, which he was in the lead of, until Kon used his magic to turn the end of the tube tunnel into a portal to nowhere which Sparkles went into making him disappear and making Kin and Kon win the dog race by default.


Sparkles debuted in the episode "Hair Today, Kon Tomorrow," when he competed against Kon in the Dog Show. He made it to the final two with him until he went into a tube where he entered a magic portal set up by Kin which got him transported away, getting him disqualified. He appeared again in the episode Rockersize when he was walking with his owner and barking really loudly Gorillandmas came by and attacked him for making all that noise. He appeared again in the episode Bee Bop A Loofah when his owner was trying to make him go into his bathtub because of him being hesitant do to that, obligated by fear. Grojband was revealed to be in the bathtub, screaming and playing music which terrified Sparkles. He appeared again in the episode Curse of the Metrognome when he was playing fetch with his owner and he was cursed by the Metrognome to catch the frisbee off target, making him bite his owners arm.


Sparkles is a big, strong, brown bulldog with black spots and black ears.


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