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Sparky is a minor villain in The Getaway.



Not much is known about Sparky's early life. It is believed he was born in London in the late 1960's and was a long time friend of Jake Jolson.

Present (2002)

By 2002, Sparky was working for the Bethnal Green Mob as a heavy. Sparky liked to enjoy torturing people with an electric wire, at Charlie's warehouse in Southwark. An example of this was Johnny Chai, a young member of the Triads who was captured by the Bethnal Green Mob. Sparky had enjoyed electrocuting Johnny to the music of Junior Senior's 'Come On', until Jake Jolson arrived, having just been broken out of prison by Mark. Sparky was very happy to see Jake. Sparky let Jake beat the Triad to death, although he seemed a bit uncomfortable that Jake was losing control, whereas Sparky is much more calmer than his friend. Jake had caught Mark in Charlie's office and showed Mark Johnny's body. On seeing this, Mark accused Jake of being "sick in the head", which caused Jake to threaten Mark. Sparky had to restrain Jake as they needed Mark to get rid of Johnny's body. Sparky later accompanied Jake along withEyebrows outside Charlie's depot in an attempt to take advantage of Mark. However, Mark played a trick on them by putting a cat in the bag instead of the drug money.


Sparky attempted to kill Mark for tricking Jake. The two men fought each other in Charlie's depot. However, Mark ended up killing Sparky. Jake was upset and angry and attempted to kill Mark in retaliation for Sparky's death, but was stopped by Charlie. Charlie saw Sparky's death as an act of betrayal and locked Mark in the basement of his warehouse as he had plans for Mark.

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