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A form changing creature that is believed to be an extraterrestial, though it was not officially proven. Proved very effective on most subjects, but deemed too difficult to contain. The specimen broke out of its containment area due to frequent electrical malfunctions.
~ Specimen 10's CAT-DOS entry.
Now you have nothing to fear. Now you have nothing to think. Follow your selfish desires. Follow your natural instinct. After all you're just an animal. It's much easier than trying to think.
~ Specimen 10's death screen.

Specimen 10 is the tenth guard and a major antagonist from the 2014 indie video game Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


In the beginning, Specimen 10 appears to be a large worm with huge black eyes. As the worm starts chasing the player, the worm dies from a humanoid parasite escaping trough the worm's head. It appears to be a humanoid with a deformed upper body without arms and a body which is created out of a yellow organic layer that covered the whole up part of its body, and the main one without hands and humanoid legs. Its torso can open up revealing a gaping mouth with rows of teeth.

When far away, Specimen 10 turns into a large leech-like creature with rows of sharp teeth.



Specimen 10 starts appearing from Room 617 once the player turns on the generator. At the start, the worm appears to attack the player, only for Specimen 10 to erupt from the worm's head, instantly brutally murdering it before chasing after the player.

Specimen 10 has a decent speed, while it cannot go tough walls. If the player is close to Specimen 10, it will show its huge mouth and try to attack the player. Specimen 10 shows flashing images when it changes forms. If the player runs far enough away from Specimen 10, it shapeshifts into its second form as a small leech-like parasite. When in this form, it is much faster and can harm the player easier, only changing back once it bites the player. When attacked by Specimen 10, it releases a yellow substance for a period of time which makes the player slower.

Once killed by Specimen 10, a quote is shown saying that it is the human's fault.

"Now you have nothing to fear.
Now you have nothing to think.
Follow your selfish desires.
Follow your natural instinct.
After all, you're just an animal.
It's much easier than trying to think."

Along with the quote is a binary code that translates to "You are more than just an animal. Use the soul you've been given. And be responsible for your actions."

HD Renovation Mode

Specimen 10 now has an animation when it opens its mouth, and Specimen 10 moves much faster than the original. Like Specimen 5 and Unknown Specimen 2, it will kick down the door when entering the room. If the specimen is in its parasitic form when the player enters the next room, Specimen 10 will enter the room as its parasitic form.




  • Specimen 10's appearance may be inspired by The Thing.
  • Specimen 10's CAT-DOS entry can only be seen once the player makes it past Room 500.
  • Originally, the worm that Specimen 10 bursts out of was the original Specimen 10 before 2.7.1, chasing after the player by slithering after them. This was likely changed due to it functioning too similarly to Specimen 3.


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