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An ancient water dwelling creature believed to be a lost soul who died tragically during the Beluge. Proved extremely effective against subjects that could not swim or fell for the specimen's lure.
~ Specimen 13's CAT-DOS entry.

Specimen 13 is the penultimate guard of Spooky's before Specimen 9's final boss form and a major antagonist from the 2014 indie video game Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


Specimen 13 is a beautiful young female with long, shaggy grayish-white hair. Before starting to chase the player, she appears sitting on a crate with her back to the player, only having a white towel around her waist. She reviews her full appearance when she kills the player, showing that she is actually a black-eyed old woman with sharp white teeth.

In the 3D version, Specimen 13's towel is replaced with a fish's tail.



Specimen 13 appears in Room 910, sitting on a crate in the submerged portion. When the player gets closer to her, she will dive into the water and start chasing the player. She will only move when the player is in the water. When the player jumps on another crate, she will stop chasing until he gets off because she loses her ability to damage the player. When the player gets off, she will continue her chase.

As the player goes farther from her, she will move faster and faster until the player escapes.

3D Renovation Mode

In the 3D version, she loses her towel, and replaces it with a long blue fishtail. She appears to be topless, and she has a different animation when she dives into the water and starts the chase. She can kill the player in three hits, but there is a pause between each hit.




  • Her movement is based on the Kaernk from Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
  • Specimen 13 cannot reach the player when they are on a crate, despite the fact that she could sit on one before chasing the player.
  • Along with Specimen 7, Specimen 13 is only encountered once and never again.
  • In the options, if the Specimens are disabled, Specimen 13 will still appear on the crate, but will not pursue the player once she enters the water.


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