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A mostly semi-solid based specter that frequently changes matter states. Proved very effective against weaker or slower subjects.
~ Specimen 2's CAT-DOS entry.
I know what you have done, and what you have yet to do. But it's alright, because I'm inside you now. We are one but I am many...
~ Specimen 2's death screen.

Specimen 2, also known as the Slime Monster, is the first hostile creature and a major antagonist of the 2014 indie videogame Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


Specimen 2 is a semi-solid, humanoid figure that is dark green in color with a bright green outline. Various bits of its body appear to be of a gel-like substance, while the rest is solid. It has a somewhat emaciated appearance, shown by its protruding rib cage and collar bones. It lacks a face, save for a lipless, open mouth, which shows its long teeth. It has no legs or feet, and its torso simply extends downwards, ending in a rounded shape. Its left hand is always held up, as if reaching for the player, while the right arm ends in a rounded stump at the wrist.



The Monster starts appearing in the game when the player reaches room 60. Once the player enters the room, they shall find a note laying on a table that reads:

"Spouting, Splashing, Soaking.
Innards, Ingest, Invoking.
Nailing, Never, stops the Choking"

After reading the note, Specimen 2 shall rise from one of the many puddles it has left behind, and start chasing the player. While slow, it is difficult to escape, for should one get too far ahead, it shall use of its puddles to teleport closer, these also greatly slowing the player down should they step in them.

If it manages to kill the Protagonist, the screen shall flash a distorted image of Specimen 2 along with the words, "I know what you have done, and what you have yet to do. But it's alright, because I'm inside you now. We are one but I am many..."

HD Renovation Mode

In the HD Renovation, its speed and power are the same, though some changes have been made in the game. Specimen 2 will not float though walls anymore, but can still float across cliffs. Hitting it with the axe will not knock it over anymore. Instead, Specimen 2 would lose a little bit of its health and collapse into a puddle. In spite of this, it would regenerate after a few seconds. If the player walks past one puddle before Specimen 2 enters the room, it instead enters through the puddle and not the door.




Art-work by Zdzislaw Beksinski.

  • It is based on the Lub-Glub monster from Adventure Time.
    • It also has a resemblance to the artwork of the artist's visions of Hell. Created by the late legendary Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński.
  • In Endless Mode, Specimen 2 is the only specimen who will chase after the player without having to enter its starting room first.
  • In Spooky's Dollhouse While Specimen 8 Specimen 6 and Specimen 4 were sacrificed to the Hellgate it's unkown what had happened to Specimen 2 and all of the other Specimens when the Mansion blew up it is possible they were all killed in the explosion or were also sent back to Hell.


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