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A test specimen being developed at GL Labs. Should prove useful when released. Trials have shown it is adequately effective to average subjects.
~ Specimen 3's CAT-DOS entry.

Specimen 3, also known as Subject 5, or the Spider or Centipede, is the third villainous-creature from the 2014 indie video game Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


Specimen 3 appears to be a dark brown spider-looking creature. The body of Specimen 3 is very similar to a centipede, while its build and face remind more to a spider. The body appears to be having attached four legs on both sides. While it appears to be having eight fluorescent green eyes.



The Specimen officially starts appearing from room 120, in which the player enters a laboratory in which creatures kept in glasses are seen. While one of the glasses appears to be broken, meaning Specimen 3 escaped from its containment. The player has to take a key to unlock the door, entering a room with a note on the floor and a hole on the ceiling. Once the player reads the note or approaches the exit of the room, Specimen 3 appears from the hole before chasing the player.

While chasing the player, several holes can be seen on the ceiling of the rooms. Specimen 3 will emerge from the first hole that the player walks past. If there are no holes available, it emerges from the door instead.

HD Renovation Mode

In the HD Renovation, Specimen 3 moves a lot faster than before. It can make holes in the ceilings and crawls out of them, making it easier for it to murder the protagonist. When it damages the player, it will scuttle about in a circle before chasing them again. Hitting it with the axe also causes it to move in a circle.

Also in the HD version, Specimen 3 has a death screen. Upon killing the player, they are shown lying on the floor with multiple holes on the ceiling. Multiple Specimen 3 come out from the holes before lunging and mauling the player to death. As the player lies dying, a flash of text appears reading "Once, In a land of dreams, I thought I could be free, But now the hunger never sleeps".




  • It is based on various creatures from the video game Resident Evil.
  • Prior to update 2.3, dying to Specimen 3 crashes the game.
  • In the original version, a bug prevented Specimen 3 to walk past any Specimen 1. This was fixed in the HD Renovation.
  • Specimen 3's chase theme "WRITHING SNEEZES" is played during the high score screen of the three arcade machines.


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