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A 14th century spirit that was contained and relocated here. Tests have yet to reveal origins, but all relevant information has been placed into testing chamber. Proved effective, but not greatly more than previous specimens.
~ Specimen 4's CAT-DOS entry.

Specimen 4, also known as Ringu, is the fourth villainous entity and a major antagonist from the 2014 indie video game Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. She starts chasing the player from room 166.


Specimen 4 appears to be an adult female with long, messy black hair and total white skin. Her eyes appear to be totally black as well as her lips which can open very wide. She appears to be wearing a purplish-gray garment with a white sash around her waist. While she appears to be wearing black pants. Her fingers are very long, sharp, and bloody red in color.

She has two forms in the Endless Mode. The first form appears to be much realistic and dangerously sinister than the original appearance. Her face appears to be much lighter and blood appears to be coming out of her lips. Her hair also appears to be more messier and lighter. While her legs appear to be naked and instead of the white sash, she wears a red belt around her waist.

The third form is quite similar to the second one, except she appears to be much more angrier, shaking in a very violent way towards the player, while she has four new extra arms appearing behind of her.



In the game, she starts appearing in an old abandoned Japanese school. In the school, the player could see black entities sitting or standing up just starting at the player. If the player touches them, the player will get damaged. At the end of Room 166, a rattle could have been heard, and Specimen 4 starts chasing the player.

While being chased, she tells the player to "Come Here" to try and seduce the player to come towards her. Once Specimen 4 kills the player, a video plays of her opening her mouth eating the player, while her bloody hands appear over her stomach saying that the player is safe now with her.

In the Endless Mode, Specimen 4 can chase the player as her alternative forms. She moves faster than her original form, but slows down when the player looks at her. While chasing them, a static overlay creates a circle around the player, progressively becoming closer until a camera snap is heard that resets the overlay. Her jumpscare and death screen are the same as her original form.

HD Renovation Mode

In the HD Mode, Specimen 4 appears in Room 167 instead of Room 166. A black fog appears around her and has what appear to be scan lines on her body. She is capable of moving faster as well. When close to the player, her jaw opens, wanting to eat the player.

Spooky's Dollhouse

In the original version only, Specimen 4 is one of the three specimens that can be sacrificed to the Hellgate to shut it down, the others being Specimen 6 and Specimen 8. In the HD Renovation version, she is replaced by Specimen 11. Her chase sequence consists of her Endless Mode form in rooms themed after the Japanese school. If she kills the player, the same jumpscare is shown but also a new death screen, consisting of a television with a flesh-like tunnel through the screen. Japanese kanji is shown that roughly translates to "It's a hole made for you to enter."




  • She is based on the video game Corpse Party.
  • When Specimen 4 first appears, she is invisible until the player shines their flashlight at her. This effect disappears after leaving Room 166.
  • Specimen 4 is the only Specimen to have two chase themes.


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