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Specimen is constantly changing form and attributes depending on subject's personality but most common form resembles a wall of moving anatomy symbols. Only effective on subjects with past trauma or a history of psychological issues.
~ Specimen 7's CAT-DOS entry.

Specimen 7, also known as The Wall, is the seventh guard from the 2014 indie video game Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


Specimen 7 appears to be a huge-moving wall of disturbing imagery of different skeletons and corpses are appearing on the wall.



Specimen 7 was presumably created from the tormented and tragic souls of deceased subjects which were fused into one single entity.


Before getting in contact with Specimen 7 in Room 410, a white kitten appears speaking towards the player giving the player a warning of what will face them. Once the player escaped room 410, The wall starts chasing the player. As the chase goes on, legs, runes, and evil faces appear on the other walls, which are made in the player's head from Specimen 7 as it chases the player. If the player touches Specimen 7, they will die instantly and possibly become a part of the skeletons.

HD Renovation Mode

Specimen 7's storyline has been totally changed. When starting, the player must run through a wall, breaking it down to be able to continue the game. Then a giant room is seen with a huge clock in the middle, with various doors. The player must pick one of the doors which would lead the player to the normal layout of rooms, in which Specimen 7 may start chasing the player. In the end, a door can be opened which would lead the player to a dark in the room, in which Specimen 7 would officially start chasing. Spooky's Dollhouse  Although it doesn't appear in the DLC it can be implied that when the Mansion blew up the souls that were fused together to create Specimen 7 separated from each other and found peace in the Afterlife with the all of the other souls.



  • It is based on Giygas from the game EarthBound.
  • In the HD version, Specimen 7 is the only Specimen to not have a death screen.
  • Alongside Specimen 13, Specimen 7 never rechases the player after they previously outrun it.
  • While very rare, it is possible for other Specimens to appear during Specimen 7's chase.


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