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Why do you run, child?
~ Specimen 8
And I saw, from eyes that were not mine.
And I felt, with a fear I could not reason.
They watch us, they invade us.
And keep us happy, committing treason.
To a King we didn't deserve.
To a Son who waits weeping.
That I knew, from knowledge gained while sleeping.
~ Specimen 8's death screen message.
A floating figure that appeared in a test chamber a few years after it was filled with what was believed to just be unusually violent deer. Specimen seems to engulf subjects and absorb them into its torso region. Proved extremely effective on violent subjects.
~ Specimen 8's CAT-DOS entry.

Specimen 8, also known as the Deer God, is the eighth guard from the 2014 indie video game Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.


As the name says, Specimen 8 appears to be a tall, floating humanoid-deer creature. Specimen 8 has deer antlers which are very symmetrical, sharp and long having the structure of the typical deer would. Specimen 8 appears to have two white eyes and a lowered jaw while its teeth are rapidly sharp.

Under Specimen 8, it appears that it wearing a black coat around itself, while its rib bones are also seen with different human-like faces.



Before seeing Specimen 8, the player enters first a forest filled with deers. The deers appear to be peaceful until the player approaches them. If so, the deer starts attacking the player. Once the player escapes the forest. The player gets into a dark-greenish room with violin music playing in the background, as Specimen 8 appears starting to chase the player.

Specimen 8 can go through walls, while it starts saying numerous demonic words. If the player is close to Specimen 8, on the screen flashing images of it would appear. Once killed by Specimen 8, the player finds themselves zooming down a red dirt path until Specimen 8 appears and draws them into its cloak. Upon approaching it, a quote appears which says that Specimen 8's reason to kill the player was because he isn't one of deer.

HD Renovation Mode

Specimen 8 now appears to be having a giant black right surrounding it with particles below it. Also, the static effects have been changed in-game. During the death screen, the player is allowed to move around, but it will not stop until they approach Specimen 8.


Join us.
~ Specimen 8
Your submission is inevitable.
~ Specimen 8
Your flesh will sustain my children.
~ Specimen 8


  • It is based on The Beast from the cartoon Over the Garden Wall.
  • Specimen 8 also could be based on:
  • Specimen 8 makes a cameo one of Akuma Kira's other games, Lost in Vivo, where it can be seen out a window near the end of the third Lost Tape.


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