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A small skull shaped mass of clay that seemed to gain more form as subjects were TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN
Specimen was deemed too hard to contain and was killed and dismantled by GL Labs.
~ Taker's CAT-DOS entry.
A survivor from the experiments conducted at Unit 731. Specimen 9 was found hiding in a condemned farmhouse in Russia. Specimen 8 appears to be drawn to the dead or dead bodies and seems to be made up of a clay like substance that changes density. Containment has not yet been successful, but Specimen proves very effective against all subjects.
~ Taker Boss Form's CAT-DOS entry.
~ Specimen 9's death screen.

Taker, mainly known by the name Specimen 9, is one of the specimens and the final antagonist of the 2014 indie video game Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. Taker has two forms, the normal and the boss form. Taker's original encountered and containment is anonymous.

Normal Form


Taker's normal form appears to be a floating skull head created of clay. He moves by floating in the air.


Taker's normal form only appears if the player gets stuck in the dark hallway. Once the player is stuck, they cannot move anywhere. Eventually, Taker appears from the wall in front of the player, before it quickly rushes towards them.

It instantly fills the screen with its face and the words "TO TAKE THE DEAD", while an electronic sound plays in the background, killing the player. Aside from this, Taker can appear in any room with the normal form. Should the player stay idle for three minutes, Taker appears and immediately rushes to the player to kill them.

HD Renovation Mode

The only difference is that Taker is faster than the original one and appears after a minute of standing idle rather than three. When Taker attacks the player while they are idle, an error screen occurs that goes away once the Spacebar or E key is hit. A cutscene then plays showing the player unable to move from a dark room. Spotlights appear, going down a singular path until a door is reached. The door opens, revealing Taker who quickly charges toward the player to show its death screen.

Boss Form


While in the boss form, Taker appears to be a floating humanoid without any skin and actually resembles an evolved version of the normal form.


Once the player gets to the final level, Taker appears upgraded to the maximum boss form. In the battle, Taker would use three tactics to defeat the player.

As the battle goes by, the attacks get stronger and longer. Until the player either wins or loses the battle between the Taker.

HD Renovation Mode

The balls that Specimen 9 Boss shoots look like big red rings now, some also suggest that the balls move faster in the HD mode.

Bosses Powers

  • Creating 3-6 on the floor, which would eventually escalate to pillars with disordered faces blasting out. If the player even pokes them, the player would instantly get damage.
  • Releasing shadow hands that would follow the player until they stop and try to damage the player. They also spawn little minion enemies that would under attack from the player.
  • Shooting rapidly fireballs towards the player. The player should deflate the attack of the fireballs with its axe to defeat the boss.

Spooky's Dollhouse

In the Spooky's Dollhouse DLC, if the player uses the GL Labs tram before deactivating the seal box, Specimen 9 will make the tram come to a halt within the tunnel. After a few seconds, Specimen 9 emerges from the shadows and kills the player.




  • It may be based on the Creepypasta character known as Red.
  • Taker's boss form only appears after the 1000th room in the game.
  • Taker is one of the three specimens who can kill the player in a single hit, the others being Specimen 7 and Specimen 12 (while inside the mansion).
  • Taker is overall the most powerful specimen in the game and its dlcs due to the fact the that he has many powers and attacks can heal very quickly and is very fast while the other specimens monsters unkown specimens and dollhouse monsters each have only one attack some of them are vulnerable to the axe and sword and aren't that fast.


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