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The Specter, or also referred to as Marluxia's Angel is Marluxia's guardian in the final battle of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. This Nobody is an entity that greatly resembles a scythe-wielding demonic angel.


The Specter appears behind Marluxia as his angel of death after Sora defeats his second form. With the Specter, Marluxia can unleash new attacks called Gale of Severance; which blows Sora to the other side of the arena; and Whirlwind; which makes Sora lose his cards if hit. One of the most devastating attacks is an unavoidable attack called Doom; which contains Sora in a magic bind and starts a countdown from 6 to 0, and Sora has to play the cards one by one equal to or greater than Marluxia's sleight, or the angel will hit him with his scythe in a one-hit kill. After Marluxia's defeat, the angel disappears with him.


  • The Specter is the second guardian to accompany the final boss in the final battle in the Kingdom Hearts series. The first was Xehanort's Guardian when Terra-Xehanort fought Aqua, and later teams up with Ansem when he fought Sora.


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