Of course! But Betrayus doesn't know that he can't trust me! Poor fool is nothing more than a factitious hothead. Once we have our bodies back, it won't be long before I rule the Netherworld and Pac-World!
~ Specter

Specter is a minor antagonist who appears in the series Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

He was voiced by Brendan Ryan Barrett.


Specter is a slim white ghost that has blue eyes. He also wears a black bow tie and has cuffs on his wrists.

Powers and Abilities

Like many other ghosts, Specter has the ability to take over another person's body. However, his possession skills are much more advanced and is able to take over another person's body for an extended period of time (as he trained himself to do so and can even stay in a person's body for days). This trait makes him a great spy for Lord Betrayus as he can move around undected and can possess another's body rather quickly. This was shown to even throw Pac-Man off his course.

Specter can also manipulate fire and his fire powers are blue rather than red.


In the episode "The Spy Who Slimed Me,"Specter was hired by Lord Betrayus to find the repository after all of the other ghosts failed to retrieve it (most notably Dr. Buttocks). Specter was able to get into Sir C.'s lab by taking over the body of Aunt Spheria's dog Uggles. Specter was eventually taken home by Pac-Man and his friends but soon started to mess up his room. Outside, Specter manages to get away from Pac-Man and tries to get to the repository but Pac-Man and his friends catches him in the act. Thinking quick, Specter loses them by hiding in a bush and goes into the forest. Specter then easily evades all of Pac-Man's attempts to catch him. As it appeared that Specter was caught, it turns out that he actually took over Spiral's body and ditched Uggle's body. Specter got caught looking up stuff but informs Pac-Man not to shoot as there is too many explosive items in the lab. Specter then lets down Pac-Man and Sissy's guard and escapes from Spiral's body and the lab. Specter evades Pac-Man and heads into the city where he has taken over the body of a random Pacitizen. Specter surprises Pac-Man with a body of an eldery citizen and sends him flying. Specter then takes over the body of Sissy and slams him around. Specter then even takes over the body of a baby and sends Pac-Man backwards by slaming the stroller onto him. Specter then continues to take over citizen's bodies while beating down Pac-Man in the process. Eventually, Specter manages to get the repository and starts to boast about he is going to rule over everyone including Betrayus. However, Specter didn't know his message was being recored and viewed by Lord Betrayus and Betrayus has him locked up in the end.


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