Hey, freshmen! Your attention, please!
~ Speed on the first day of school

Speed is a supporting antagonist of the 2005 Disney film Sky High. He is one of the school's bullies (the other is Lash) who is allied with Royal Pain.


Speed and Lash first appear outside of Sky High as seniors, and approach the freshmen asking for a nonexistent student fee of twenty dollars. Ethan, however, realizes they are lying, and they are dismissed by Student Body President Gwen Grayson (who they will soon form an alliance with if they haven't already). After stuffing Ethan and Zach into lockers, the two bullies are intercepted by Will and Layla, who challenge them in a game of Save the Citizen. During the game that follows, Speed proves himself able to move fast enough to suck the oxygen from opponent Warren Peace with speed itself. The two ultimately lose after Speed is smashed into a pole, stunning him. Lash is already tied to the same makeshift streetlight.

After Gwen reveals herself as Royal Pain, Speed teams up with Stitches, Lash and Penny Lent to trap everyone in the school before they intercept Will and his friends. Speed pursues Warren until Ethan returns from defeating Lash. Ethan turns himself into slime to make Speed slip and lose his balance, allowing Warren to throw a fireball at Speed, sending him to be stuck on a wall.

Following Royal Pain's defeat, Speed is last seen detained in the detention room alongside Royal Pain, Stitches, Lash and Penny. It can be implied that Speed would later be sent to prison for their crimes.

Powers and Abilities

Speed is known for his power of hypervelocity, which he uses to create havoc in the school for his own amusement. His power was even enough to deprive Warren of air that allows him to control his ability of fire, much to Warren's annoyance.



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