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Read my lips, Townsville! I am The Spelling Bee! I'm about to unleash a spell of crimes on your fair city and there's nothing anyone can do about it!
~ The Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee is a one-time villain from the The Powerpuff Girls comic book franchise, only appearing in the issue, Spellbound. She is a bumblebee-themed supervillain, who encodes her evil plans into spelling so that the illiterate Powerpuff Girls will be lost in stopping her.


In "Spellbound", The Powerpuff Girls were struggling in school, not being able to spell properly and they were failing their classes at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. To make matters even worse, at this time, The Mayor called them about terror happening in Townsville. Apparently, an evil villain named The Spelling Bee, who was unleashing a spell of crimes onto the city, with the help of her team of drones.

The Spelling Bee's first crimes was to rob the armored car but she spelled it out instead of saying it, making it difficult for The Powerpuff Girls to understand it. Miss Bellum was about to decode what she was talking about but Ms. Keane came in and told her that The Powerpuff Girls had to figure it out themselves, or else they'd never learn, which was a disappointment to both The Powerpuff Girls and the illiterate moron, known as The Mayor of Townsville.

The Powerpuff Girls searched for what The Spelling Bee was talking about and thought she spelled "red car" and protected a random red car, while the drones stole the armored car.

Next, The Spelling Bee said she'd be stealing the train with the town's bullion shipment. The Powerpuff Girls thought she said "Bull and Lion" shipment and saved a needless circus train, while the drones took all of the gold bricks from an unrelated bullion train.

Later, The Spelling Bee said that she'd be robbing a bank, which The Powerpuff Girls easily decoded, as a word that short was easy enough for even them to understand. The Powerpuff Girls flew to the bank and beat up a bunch of drones. The Spelling Bee ordered her drones to fire a deathray at Bubbles, which The Powerpuff Girls misinterpreted as "Deet Hurray!" leading to Bubbles getting mortally blasted with a death ray, followed by a flame thrower, a cattle prod, and a gluegun. The Powerpuff Girls figured out they'd be able to understand what she was spelling if they see the words, so they referred to the dictionary the next time she talked and found out she was planning destroy rob City Hall.

The Powerpuff Girls flew to City Hall and caught the drones red-handed. The drones worried and asked The Spelling Bee what to do and she said that they should retreat to her bookmobile, where she was hiding out. The Powerpuff Girls beat up the drones into the shapes of the letters and discovered where she was so they uncovered her in the bookmobile and got her arrested and Buttercup literally threw a book at her.