Spellslamzer is a large Spell Spunk, regarded to as the ultimate Spell Punk, who is a minor antagonist in Skylanders: Superchargers. He was the champion of Battlebrawl Island before the Skylanders battled him for information on the Spell Punk Library. He is also playable in the game's racing modes after defeating him in the Mystic Vault boss pursuit.

Skylanders SuperChargers

Spellslamzer was the crowned champion of the battle arena on BattleBrawl Island, often resorting to using trickery in attempts to win his battles. When the Skylanders sought him out for navigation around the Spell Punk Library, they had to defeat Spellslamzer in the ring in order for him to tell them the information they needed. During their battle, the devious Spell Punk cheated by teleporting the Skylander into his nightmare realm away from onlookers until he brought them back to BattleBrawl Island. The Skylander eventually defeated Spellslamzer, and true to his word, he told them how to navigate through the Spell Punk Library before disappearing.

In the Comics

Spellslamzer and his group of Spell Punks are responsible for the disappearance of Buzz's elite team of Skylanders, Boomer, Voodood, and Ghost Roaster. When SuperChargers, Spitfire, Stormblade, and Nightfall, were sent to find their lost comrades, they were promptly defeated by the three Skylanders who now work for Spellslamzer.

With the defeated SuperChargers in tow, Spellslamzer and his group returned to their hideout, the Spellhold, where he announced their plan to raid the Mabu Radiance mines of their rare and powerful minerals, controlling the crystal supply to become the supreme power in all of Skylands. In addition, he and his minions will ride out in the SuperChargers' own vehicles at dawn. When Spitfire, Nightfall, and Stormblade attempted to escape, Spellslamzer had them strapped to the front of their vehicles as the villains and the corrupt Elite Skylanders rode out towards the mines to begin their attack.


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