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Spence is the main antagonist of the 2002 comedy film Sorority Boys. He is the socially inept and eccentric leader of the KOK fraternity house and the archenemy of Dave, the latter of whom he tries to frame for embezzlement along with Adam, and Doofer in order to get a job from Dave's father and John Kloss' company.

He was portrayed by Brad Beyer.


Spence was first seen performing a punishment ritual on a group of young men for teaching a girl the secret KOK handshake before being interrupted by Dave, Adam, and Doofer, telling him he needs to clear some space for their newest party. Whining Spence finally caves in although upset, and decides to exact revenge by stealing all of the money from the house safe, and framing Dave for it, in order to have him, Adam and Doofer kicked out of the house for supposed embezzlement.

After this he appoints Adam's younger brother Jimmy as the social committee's new leader and continues to go about his school work regularly. All the while Dave, Adam and Doofer have disguised themselves as girls (Daisy, Adina, and Roberta) and members of the DOG house, the biggest rival to the KOK unbeknownst to Spence.

He appears a few more times throughout the film, such as in the football game where he is seen cheering on the Tri Pis as they are taking on the DOGS in a near one sided manner, until they end up losing thanks to Patty a rather tall member of the group, much to his annoyance.

During the film's climax on the KOK-Tail Cruise, Spence attempts to woo his way into getting a job from John Kloss and Dave's father, however the two brush him off as their distracted by Leah and Disney dancing, thinking they're about to witness a lesbian kiss.

Later on he appears when he's encouraging Kloss, Dave's father and his fraternity crew to throw Leah overboard after she slapped Kloss for touching her suggestively, only for Dave to step in and reveal himself, demanding his father put her down, stunning everyone including Spence. Adam then reveals himself too to get Jimmy to stop advancing on him, and Spence himself corners Doofer and exposes him.

He decides to put the three on trial and send the DOG group back to shore, only for the three to explain themselves and how they've been framed by Spence. Sure enough Doofer puts a tape showing the house's security footage on the ship's TV and it shows Spence stealing the money.

Enraged and feeling betrayed the entire fraternity hoist him off the ship as he screams his way down, presumably killing him.


Spence is an eccentric, childish, rude, obnoxious and whiny man who alarmingly enough is somehow a good leader. He was also very misogynistic, disturbed and overly controlling, with him going to insane and criminal lengths to keep control of the fraternity and get a job from Kloss.


Spence is a tall sturdy man, with light skin and blonde hair styled into a pompadour. He always wears a black robe, with a white shirt, tie, and pair of grey trousers underneath.


  • Spence is one of the more popular characters from the film, due to his humor and distinctive voice.


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