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Rick wasn't the original leader here.... My mom was. She was doing a really good job of it. And then she died, not long after Rick showed up. Same with my brother, same with my dad. (...) His ego is out of control. He'll find a way to screw things up, trying to do things his way. Trying to take over. That's what he did with my mom, that's what he'll do again. (...) I am my mother's son. I can be the leader she was... That's what this place needs... That's what you need.
~ Spencer trying to get Negan to kill Rick Grimes/

Spencer Monroe is a supporting antagonist in the fifth, sixth and seventh seasons of the TV series The Walking Dead, and a minor antagonist in the comic book series upon which it is based. In both incarnations, he is a treacherous, cowardly resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone who tries to supplant Rick Grimes as leader of the community.

In the TV series, he was portrayed by Austin Nichols.


Spencer is arrogant and entitled, believing that everything he wants is his by right. His own mother thinks he is an egotist, even thanking Rick for putting him in his place, reasoning that someone had to do it. He is also a coward, resorting to underhanded scheming to get what he wants instead of trying to get it honestly.

He is not without redeeming qualities, however. He loves his family, and grieves after they die. In the TV series, he has genuine feelings for his girlfriend, Rosita Espinosa, and makes an effort to treat her well.



Spencer is the eldest son of Douglas and Regina Monroe. When Rick Grimes' group arrives, he is immediately attracted to one of their number, Andrea, and tries to win her over by inviting her to dinner. She accepts, but gently rebuffs his romantic advances.

When a herd of zombies attacks Alexandria and Andrea is trapped in the community's clock tower, Spencer takes care of her by bringing her food and supplies. Moments later, however, he shows his true colors by trying to get her to come away with him and leaving the rest of the community - including, presumably, his own parents - to be eaten by the zombies. Disgusted, Andrea punches him in the face and tells him to leave her alone.

Spencer eventually becomes jealous of Rick's position of authority within the community, and stages a failed coup to replace him. When the Saviors take over Alexandria, Spencer ingratiates himself with their leader, Negan, and tries to persuade him to kill Rick so he can take over. Negan sees through him, however, calling him a coward and stabbing him in the stomach. After he dies, he becomes a zombie, and Rick stabs him in the head.

TV series

Spencer is the eldest son of Reg and Deanna Monroe, and the older brother of Aiden Monroe. When Rick Grimes and his group arrive and join the community, he makes a pass at Sasha Williams that is quickly rebuffed, and takes an instant dislike to Rick. Their rivalry intensified when Aiden is killed by zombies during a scouting mission that Rick led; Spencer blames Rick for his brother's death. He tries to rally the community to expel Rick, but is foiled after Rick saves Alexandria from a herd of zombies.

After his father is killed by a traitorous resident, Spencer takes the loss out on Rick by covertly supporting an effort to overthrow Rick, led by Carter, but that too is foiled. Rick knows Spencer was involved, but cannot prove it, so he sidelines Spencer by putting him on guard duty. When a rival group called the Wolves attacks Alexandria, Spencer opens fire and causes a car accident that attracts the herd of zombies. He tries to destroy the herd by himself, but ends up nearly getting killed, saved only by Rick's quick intervention. In the aftermath of the herd invasion, Deanna is killed and reanimates as a zombie; a sobbing Spencer puts her down by stabbing her in the head.

Soon afterward, Spencer enters a relationship with Rosita Espinosa. When a group called the Saviors takes over Alexandria, he and she take different views on how to deal with them; Rosita wants to fight and defeat them, while Spencer thinks challenging them is too dangerous and they are better off learning to live with their "new normal". He also sees an opportunity to finally get rid of Rick, by convincing the Saviors' leader, Negan, to kill him and make Spencer the new leader of Alexandria.

Spencer invites Negan to his family's house and tries to bond with him over whiskies and a game of pool. When Spencer suggests that he should replace Rick as Alexandria's leader, however, Negan says that he respects Rick for putting himself on the line for his people; he then calls Spencer a coward for trying to get someone else to do his dirty work. Before Spencer can respond, Negan stabs him in the stomach and twists the blade, disemboweling him. After Spencer bleeds to death, he reanimates as a zombie, and Rick puts him down by stabbing him in the head.

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