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You know, I do believe the ship may sink. I've been asked to give you this..... small token of our appreciation. (punches Jack) Compliments of Mr. Caledon Hockley.
~ Lovejoy leaving Jack to drown in the sinking ship, but not before punching him in the chest.

Spicer Lovejoy is the secondary antagonist of James Cameron's hit 1997 film Titanic. He was Cal Hockley's personal valet and bodyguard until the events of the film.

He was portrayed by David Warner, who also played Ra's al Ghul in Batman: The Animated Series, Alpha in Men In Black: The SeriesThe Lobe in Freakazoid, Jon Irenicus in Baldur's Gate 2, and Ed Dillinger, Sark and the MCP in Tron.


Lovejoy is always loyal to Cal, never leaving his side and always aiding him in getting what he wants. He also keeps a very close eye on Cal's fiancée Rose DeWitt Bukater, to make sure she remains faithful. He is also very perceptive and intellectual when someone is lying, easily noticing Jack Dawson's impeccable state when he tells he had to dive to save Rose from the ocean.

Despite his loyalty to Cal, Lovejoy secretly despises him, even quietly calling Cal a "bastard" for attempting to kill Jack in front of several passengers and leaving him behind to die. Regardless, Lovejoy was willing to leave Jack to die by drowning in the sinking as his employer wanted.


Early life

Spicer Lovejoy was born on January 27, 1862 in England. At some point of his life, Lovejoy emigrated to America. Once there, he became a detective for the Pinkerton private security guard agency. Priors to the events of the film, Lovejoy was hired by Nathan Caledon, a Pittsburgh steel tycoon, to watch over his son Cal and aid him in his goals in maintaining the family business. He is also aware that Cal has been appointed as a possible fiance for Rose DeWitt Bukater by her mother Ruth, who plans on marrying Rose off to Cal so that they can inherit the fortune to pay off the debts that Rose's late father has left them with.

Boarding the RMS Titanic

Lovejoy was first seen boarding the RMS Titanic along with Cal, Rose, and Ruth as he directs a local White Star Line officer to transport their luggage to their respective cabins. He is kept throughout the movie as a watcher, keeping Rose away from trouble or a possible pervert. However, once Rose meets Jack and falls in love with him, Lovejoy was assigned by Cal to keep them separated at all costs. Lovejoy even expressed his doubt of the time when Jack saved Rose from slipping at the stern of the ship, thinking that Jack took off his jacket and shoes to rape her, unaware that Rose initially attempted to commit suicide before Jack saved her.

Plotting against Jack

After the Titanic hits an iceberg, Lovejoy helps Cal in framing Jack for a false theft of a rare diamond known as the Heart of the Ocean, even pointing out that the coat that Jack was wearing actually belongs to a first-class passenger named Arthur Ryerson. He has the Master-in-Arms to lock up Jack to a pipe at the E-Decks. As the Master-in-Arms are forced to deal with several people causing havoc due to the sinking, Lovejoy decides to keep his eye on Jack for a while. However, the ship soon begins to sink, and Lovejoy is left with no choice but to leave Jack to die, but not before he punches him in the gut per Cal's request. Lovejoy then heads to the lifeboat deck where he convinced Cal to bribe First Officer William Murdoch to secure a lifeboat seat for himself, though Murdoch later throws back the bribe money to Cal as he wants to oblige to the 'women and children only' rule by Captain Smith's orders. At the same time, Rose manages to free Jack from the flooding E-Decks and refuses to leave him, something which Lovejoy found out after he and Cal spot them on the port side of the ship.

Left Behind

Realizing now that he cannot separate both Jack and Rose, Lovejoy attempts to convince Cal to get on to the lifeboat without Rose. However, Cal refuses to accept defeat and instead takes Lovejoy's gun in an attempt to kill Jack, much to the horror of Lovejoy and several witnessing passengers. As Cal takes refuge on another lifeboat, Lovejoy is quickly left behind with the other panicking passengers. Lovejoy is last seen clinging to the ship's stern when the Titanic breaks in two before sinking into the bottom of the ocean.


Lovejoy died following the sinking of the ship along with Jack and the other unfortunate passengers while Rose and five unnamed passengers (one of which, according to a deleted scene, was a Chinese immigrant) were rescued.


Yes, right. All the trunks from that car there.... 12 from here... and the safe.... to the parlor suite rooms B-52, 54, 56.
~ Lovejoy ordering all of Cal and the Bukateers' luggage to be transported into the ship.
You'll want to tie those. (referring to Jack's boots) It's interesting..... the young lady slipped so suddenly, and you still had time to remove your jacket and your shoes.
~ Lovejoy commenting over Jack's rescue of Rose after giving him a cigarette.
Mr. Hockley and Mrs. DeWitt Bukater continue to be most appreciative of your assistance. They asked me to give you this in gratitude. (Jack: I don't want your money, please.) And also to remind that you hold a third-class ticket and your presence here is no longer appropriate. Gentlemen, will you please see that Mr. Dawson goes back where he belongs?
~ Lovejoy warning Jack to stay away from Rose before bribing the stewards to escort him from the first-class decks during the first-class prayer service.
None of the stewards have seen her.
~ Lovejoy commenting to Cal over Rose's disappearance before the ship hits the iceberg.
This isn't your pocket, is it, son? Property of 'A.L. Ryerson'.
~ Lovejoy pointing out that the coat that Jack's wearing doesn't belong to him.
Go on. I'll keep an eye on him.
~ Lovejoy convincing the Master-at-Arms to deal with a big mob at the E-decks while he watches over a handcuffed Jack.
She's not at the starboard side either. (Cal: We're running out of time. This strutting martinet isn't letting any men on at all.) There's one at the other side letting men on. (Cal: Well, then, that's our play. We'll need some insurance first. C'mon.)
~ Lovejoy reminding Cal of a possibility to board a lifeboat at the starboard side after failing to find Rose.
(Cal: I make my own luck.) So do I.
~ Lovejoy showing his gun inside his coat.
There are more boats down on the front. Stay with this one: Murdoch. He seems to be quite practical.
~ Lovejoy convincing Cal to bribe First Officer William Murdoch to let him board on a lifeboat on the starboard side.
I found her on the other side waiting for a boat.... with him.
~ Lovejoy reminding Cal that he has found Rose on the port side and that she has saved Jack from the flooding E-Decks.
What could possible be funny? (Cal: I put the diamond in the coat..... and I PUT THE COAT ON HER!! I give it to you... I give it to you.... if YOU can get them!) Bastard.
~ Lovejoy being annoyed at Cal for trying to kill Jack in front of several passengers and leaving him behind.
You little s--t! (Jack: Compliments of the Chipawett Falls Dawsons!)
~ Lovejoy fighting against Jack in the flooding 1st Dining Saloon.


  • Lovejoy is so far the only villain in the film to die during the sinking of the Titanic while Cal and Ruth have survived it, though Cal would later kill himself following the 1929 Wall Street Crash, while Ruth's fate is left undisclosed, but it is obvious that she has already died by 1996.
  • In a deleted scene, Cal leaves Lovejoy behind by telling him to catch Jack and Rose so that he can have the diamond for himself, much to Lovejoy's frustration. As such, Jack fights Lovejoy in the flooded 1st Class Dining Saloon and defeats him in combat by punching him in the gut. The result was a scar on Lovejoy's face, which was later seen when the Titanic broke in half. As Jack and Rose escape, Lovejoy is forced to leave the flooded saloon to head back to the boat deck on his own.
  • Though at the end of the film, everyone who died in the sinking appear in the Titanic (which is implied to be either a dream or Heaven), Lovejoy is nowhere to be seen. This is unsurprising, however, as Lovejoy was actually a bad person (along with Cal and Ruth) and someone who Rose would not like to remember.
  • David Warner previously appeared in the 1979 S.O.S Titanic film in which he portrays Lawrence Beesley a real life Titanic survivor.


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