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Spider is one of the Psychopaths in the video game Dead Rising 3, featured as the main antagonist of the DLC Chaos is Rising. He is a former associate of Hunter Thibodeaux who betrayed him in the past and has since taken over as the gang's leader.


Spider is responsible for framing Hunter for a crime he did not commit, successfully jailing him. With Hunter gone, Spider works on overthrowing Torque's leadership of the King of Chaos biker gang, making himself the leader. When Hunter escapes from jail he meets up with Spider to "negotiate". The usurper demands that Hunter track down and bring him a special whiskey, which Hunter does. Predictably, Spider betrays Hunter and sends several gang members to attack him. After Hunter takes them out, Spider shoots him and disposes of his body, thinking that he has killed the only real opposition to his rule.

Hunter eventually conspires with Torque to take over Spider's leadership of the biker gang. Along the way, Spider sends several of his gang members to attack Hunter after he gathers the needed materials for Torque. Among these include his three captains Razorhead, Snake, and Cannons, all of whom die at Hunter's hands. Spider, however, gets the upper hand and fatally wounds Torque. Hunter's need for revenge is all the more encouraged by this, and he goes to meet with Spider at the Quarantine Station. The two duel as fire burns all around them. Spider is eventually killed when Hunter shoves a bowie knife into his neck. (Ironically, the weapon was thrown into the fight for Spider to use against Hunter.) However, Hunter's reign was short-lived as he and his gang soon came across Nick Ramos and were dealt with.


Spider has a cross skull bandana, long hair, sunglasses, full tattoos on his body, bandaged gloves and blue jeans. He also sports a goatee, befitting his thuggish nature.

His personality can be summed up as that of the typical usurping gang member. He holds no loyalty except to himself, a sharp contrast to Hunter's loyalty to Torque whom he considered an ally. Spider is also a fairly efficient fighter, owing to his time spent in the gang and the work put into his plan of taking leadership from Torque.



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