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Spider, also known by his avatar in Digitalis, the murderous player Jamilov, is an antagonist in the manga series Edens Zero. He serves as the main antagonist of the Digitalis arc.

He is an infamous hacker who is renowned in the Sakura Cosmos. He is affiliated with the infamous Drakken Joe and works in his tech department. In his spare time, he visits the super virtual world Digitalis and terrorizes the world as his avatar, Jamilov, murdering any and all players, and hacking the virtual world.

He was voiced by Tatsumaru Tachibana in Japanese and Jon Allen in English.


As Jamilov, Spider wears a leather coat and pants. As Spider he's a bespectacled man with long hair.


Jamilov meets the crew of the Edens Zero in the city of Crysta after he cuts down an NPC of Digitalis. He expresses his dissatisfaction in killing NPCs in comparison to killing players before turning to the crew. He tells them how he met a group of veteran players and points towards the top of a building where he had left them impaled, but still alive. The players soon die and he introduces himself to the crew. He tells them that he works with Drakken Joe, hoping to scare them, but Shiki furiously tells him that he won't get away with his murdering anymore.

Shiki charges towards Jamilov, who turns his scythe into a monster and uses it to attack Shiki. He only manages to cut Shiki's hair, but the scythe grows in size and he unleashes it on his surroundings. He then has a part of a building thrown on him by Shiki, but seemingly takes no damage. He then leaves, claiming that Drakken Joe has called a meeting. He was eventually killed by Seth.


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