What's up, dawg?
~ Spider's memorable introduction

Spider is a secondary antagonist in the movie School of Rock, he is played by Lucas Babin, and replaces Dewey, played by Jack Black, as his solo singer in the band No Vacancy. Theo explains to Dewey how Dewey's stage dives, solos, and immaturity got him fired, and how No Vacancy will be a success with Spider at their back. Dewey comes in to the gig thinking that Spider is just a friend, and thinking he is still in the band, and says that Theo's lyrics are lame, which Theo agrees, says he's fired. But Dewey rambles on, and Theo says "didn't you hear what I said?" to which he introduces Spider, who is his replacement. Neil says that he tried to tell Dewey but he was unconscious. So, Dewey gets mad at Theo and Spider, but Spider casually introduces himself. It is hinted Spider didn't know of Theo's conspiracy to dump Dewey because he is seen looking suspiciously at Neil and Theo when they argue about it.

Spider is later seen with Neil when they rip up Dewey's audition poster and laugh at his band.

Spider reappears in the Battle of the Bands, whirling around onstage displaying his naked chest, which has a tattoo of a spider web (hence his name) and he is putting more effort into performing seemingly than Dewey. Then Spider goes backstage and sees School of Rock play. It is unknown what he thinks of the band, the rest of No Vacancy love the lyrics and the stars, but Spider is just seen charming principal Rosalie Mullins whom he thinks is with a band, but he isn't taken aback when she says she's principal of a school, to which he is impressed. Spider says she's hot, to which she, being an official, doesn't see the joke.

Spider is amazed No Vacancy win the gig, and he grabs Theo and pats him. Unlike the other members of the band, he doesn't get any hugs from the groupies. But Spider goes onstage to get the reward with the other band members, but to his dismay, there are jeers in the audience. He is seen looking around in confusion and angst when the audience jeer him, and he soon retreats offstage with the band, but is caught in the throng of children running onstage from School of Rock who, shoving against his bare chest, cause him to stumble which makes him trip over and fall backstage.

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