The Spider Guild are a hostile race of aliens who first appeared in Green Lantern Vol.2 167.


The original homeworld of the Spider Guild is unknown, but about 50,000 years ago they developed space travel and began spreading throughout the universe. Their methods, which have remained essentially unchanged, are as follows: on a Control Nest world years are spent utilizing natural resources to create motherships and colonizer spider robots. When the armada is complete, it heads for a target solar system, each ship being staffed by only a few Spider Guild—a Strand Captain and several Robot Manipulators. The ships then infest any life-supporting worlds found. The robot spiders conquer the worlds and the Spider Guild lay their eggs on the planet. Each conquered planet will eventually become a new Control Nest, and the process starts again.
The Spider Guild employ advanced technology to create robotic spiders and armadas of spaceships. The Spider Guild reproduce by laying eggs in the bodies of other sentient beings.
The Spider Guild employ robot spiders to do most of their fighting for them, possessing superhuman strength and the ability to wrap victims in high-tension webbing.

Rise of the Third Army

The Third Army-2

When the Guardians of the Universe unleashed their Third Army into the Cosmos to eradicate free will, the Spider Guild were one of the many victims of the Guardian's soldiers. They were all assimilated into the Third Army, while the Zamarons watched what was happening. These soldiers would later attack Larfleeze and and the other lanterns in Okaara

Television History



Myglom is a member of the Spider Guild, and is the former warden of the prison asteroid who was ousted by the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Myglom was the warden of the prison asteroid, along with several other Spider Guild members used the prisoners to consume them after tenderizing them with extreme torture.

On one day, Myglom received a visit from the Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kilowog, who brought Razer as a prisoner. After promising them that he would be rehabilitated, Myglom locked him up in a cell where he was being tortured. After discovering that Hal and Kilowog sneaked back in to find out if the prisoners were tortured, they were caught by the Spider Guild and were brought to a room filled with yellow crystals. Myglom explained what the yellow crystals were and after they would be tortured that he would eat them.

However Razer escaped his cell and got his Red Power Ring back, and freed Hal and Kilowog. Myglom tried to escape, but was ambushed by Hal, who he was soon after defeated by. After the Spider Guild were defeated, they were all thrown in the cell, with Myglom being replaced with Goggan as the warden by Hal.

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