The Spider Queen
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The Spider Queen (in Japanese: スパイダークイーン, Supaidākuīn) is a villain from the video-game Okami.


The Spider Queen is a powerful but ultimately malevolent spirit that takes the form of a grotesque featureless female face with the torso of a spider, gnarled humanlike hands on the end of her legs and a strange growth on her back resembling a nightmarish "flower" made out of human eyes.

After she gets killed by Amaterasu, her spirit returns in the sunken ship to haunt her.


  • Spider Queen is also known in Japan as Jorögumo, the "prostitute spider" or "spider whore" - suggesting that despite her horrific form she is quite a perverse and/or carnal creature: even in death Spider Queen returns as a ghost to torment Amaterasu later in the game.


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