Everyone here is mine. The quiet men, the angry men, the hungry men, the scuttling ones... Yes! Now you are here, and that means you are mine. This won't hurt a bit. You're going to feel a tiny prick.
~ The Spider Witch

The Spider Witch is a serial killer and a villainess from both Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) and Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Versions).


There are some strong clues and hints in the games that the Spider Witch was already not human, but some type of supernatural creature long before she became the guardian of the Mandala.

In the Realistic version, the bones of the Spider witch victims lay scattered on the ground throughout her realm. In the Stylized Version, Spider Witch is the only boss you can trap after you 'killed' her physical form.

Presumably, Shandor must have stayed a few nights at the Sedgewick with the Board of Trustees and the Chairman and must have met the Spider Witch when she was dead or alive, who then helped him activate the third node of the Mandala.

It is safe to hypothesize that the Webbed Fiends encountered in the second trip to the Sedgewick just may be the transmogrified spirits of her victims still under her twisted influence.

She resembles the Other Mother's true form from the 2009 stop-motion movie Coraline. Spider Witch looks very much like Spiderlegs, an evil entity from The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Ransom of Greenspud". During the first mission in the Sedgewick while tracking down Slimer, pass by room 1221 and if you look through your Ecto Goggle at it you can see a spectral spider on the door. It also puts off high PKE readings. This is absent in the Stylized version.

In the Realistic version, she appears as an attractive young woman. In the Stylized version, her human form appears older and heavier set, while her transmogrified form seems to be based on the realistic one. In "What in Samhain Just Happened?!", the Spider Witch appears in the mirror above the four Ghostbusters on the Cover RI variant.



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