Spider X is a Spiderman / Midnight-Sons foe and vigilante who was mutated by the power of the Dwarf, an agent of Chthon - one of the elder-gods.


Born Brian Kornfield his mother was mugged on the streets of New York and he became obsessed with vengeance - this drive for vengeance made him much easier for the Dwarf to corrupt and thus his desire of vengeance was twisted even further by the black magic of the Darkhold - making him dish out brutal "justice" that no one else would.

Spider-X tracked down his mother's mugger and kill them - then proceeded to go on a violent vigilante spree before he was forced to retreat when he ran into Ghost Rider.

Later he would fight against the Nightstalkers and, of course, Spiderman himself - who the villain had idolised and whose monstrous form and abilities were based upon.


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