Oh please, your brutish ways are no match against the beauty of a delicately woven strategy.
~ Spinlyn arguing with Scorm
Beauty before battle.
~ Spinlyn talking to Scorm

Spinlyn is the secondary antagonist in season two of the Legends of Chima series. She is the vain queen of the spider tribe. She is also second in command to King Scorm of The Crawlers.

She is voiced by Bethany Brown.


Before Season 2

Spinlyn together with countless other spiders, bats and scorpions were dwelling in the depths of the Gorge of Eternal Depth. King Crominus and Queen Crunket fell down into the gorge in the beginning of season 1, they see the Crawlers but don't care about them because they are just small insects. She came into contact with the Crocodile tribe's chi that Laval had threw down into the chasm. Spinlyn devoured one chi's innate energy which made her evolve into a far larger, semi-humanoid version of herself. Unlike the rest of the spider tribe she has six legs instead of eigth legs. According to the other spiders in the tribe Spinlyn evolved into a being of stunning beauty. That's probably why she is the queen of the spiders, because all of the other spiders thinks that she is gorgeous and therefore worships her.

Now King Crominus and Queen Crunket becomes terrified when they see that the Crawlers has evolved and are now a threat to be reckon with. Spinlyn with Scorm and Braptor led their tribes out of the gorge in to the Outlands, with Crominus and Crunket as their hostages. Crominus showed Mount Cavora to the Crawlers and they started to plan to block the Chi Falls and steal all the chi in Chima. Crominus and Crunket tried to escape and Crunket did, but Crominus was once again kidnapped by the Crawlers. 

Season 2

Season 3


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