The Spinoraptor is the sole antagonist of Jurassic World: Evolution.  


The 1st Spinoraptor 

During the third mission in the Tacaño Research Facility, the first Spinoraptor was released, but was angered that InGen tampered with its natural instincts, resulting in it escaping from its enclosure and started a vengeful killing spree throughout the island. The ACU helicopter was called in to sedate the Spinoraptor and return it to its enclosure, but its strengthened hide was too thick for the tranquilizer darts to penetrate through its skin. The only way to end the first Spinoraptor's reign of destruction is to have a dinosaur capable of fighting back take it down, thus completing the third mission.  

The 2nd Spinoraptor 

During the fourth and final mission in the Tacaño Research Facility, the second Spinoraptor was released, but despite its natural instincts being tampered with, this one is rather calm and desires to both get revenge on InGen and conquer the entire island in monarchy instead of territory. The only way to end the second Spinoraptor's reign of destruction is to have the ACU helicopter sedate it and transport it off the island with the rest of the carnivorous hybrids, Indominus rex and Indoraptor once the first one in the list kills certain species of dinosaurs, thus completing the fourth mission. 


The Spinoraptor is the aggressive amalgamation of the Velociraptor and Spinosaurus, possessing the cunning and ferociousness of its both species. But when the first Spinoraptor was released into the Tacaño Research Facility, it was discovered that it had been tampered with in the embryo stage by rivals of the Hammond Foundation, strengthening its hide, which prevented it from being subdued by the ACU helicopter, necessitating the creation of a dinosaur capable of defeating the hybrid. Thereafter, the genome was perfected, resulting in more amenable specimens in future operations.


The Spinoraptor is similar in size to the Metriacanthosaurus, and while it shares many traits in common with other small carnivores, it is capable of challenging and killing far larger predators, such as the Tyrannosaurus. In addition, the Spinoraptor, like the Velociraptor, is a social animal and requires between two and four members of their species to remain content. It is the most docile of the hybrid theropods but will hunt down guests more aggressively and brutally than its counterparts if it does escape.

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