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There are outcasts. And so i am. Now, Brutaka, i am taking command of this ship. We will be setting a new course, for the island of Zakaz. It was there that i met defeat and disgrace - there that my grand experiment failed, because the inhabitants were too savage to know what to do with my gifts. It was their fault i was cast out of the Brotherhood - and now they are going to pay!
~ Spiriah to Brutaka

Spiriah is one of the villains that appeared in the BIONICLE series. He also served as one of the protagonists in the serial story; Federation of Fear. He was the Makuta who once served as the member of the Brotherhood of Makuta but after the failed experiment in Zakaz, he was cast out from the Brotherhood, thus seeking revenge on those who were responsible for his banishment.


I am a Makuta. Disgraced, perhaps; a victim of jealousy and prejudice, most definitely.
~ Spiriah to Brutaka

Like all Makuta, Spiriah was ambitious and arrogant but was unable to live up to his standards. He also lacked skills in creating Rahi, and was deficient in leadership traits, acting more in a role of being a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta. 

Though Spiriah had aspired to his greatness, he was incapable of achieving anything of significance. He perceived his inadequacies as s result of victimization by his fellow Makuta, and grew embittered towards them.



Spiriah was created by the Great Spirit along with the other Makuta from a pool of Antidermis on an island in the sou