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I am the spirit of the harvest moon.
~ The Spirit of the Harvest Moon.

The Spirit of the Harvest Moon is an antagonist from Courage the Cowardly Dog, appearing in the episode "The House of Discontent". 

He was voiced by Fred Melamed.


The Spirit of the Harvest Moon appears to be a white huge floating head with black eyes. It also appears that he has black lips and a white nose.


The Spirit threatens to make Courage, Eustace Bagge, and Muriel leave their house unless they grow a plant in ten minutes. When Eustace refuses to grow something, Muriel and The Spirit call him "stubborn" and "not a farmer" respectively. When the ten minutes is up, The Spirit rises the temperature to molten hot, which causes everything to melt.

Courage grows the plant using Eustace's sweat. When the plant grows, The Spirit lowers the temperature back to normal. The Spirit is played by actor Fred Melamed. The spirit is one of the scariest villains in the show, right behind King Ramses and the blue creature.


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