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Splitface is a schizophrenic villain, who has recently broken out of the Hero Factory Villain Containment. In the novel The Doom Box, he joins the Legion of Darkness.

He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


At one point, Splitface was captured by the Hero Factory, and imprisoned in their Storage Facility.

The villain Black Phantom recently instigated a mass breakout of the Hero Factory jail, and Splitface was one of the many escapees. He then traveled to the Sigma Sigma system, where he began attacking a communications satellite vital to the Hero Factory. The Hero Mark Surge is assigned to capture him.

Abilities and Traits

Splitface is a schizophrenic disassociative with two distinct personalities. These two different identities are constantly at war with one another, although the confusion between the two leads to an unpredictability in fighting. He is also capable of using both identities simultaneously in his attacks, when the one particular identity cannot remain dominant or dormant. The different personalities stem from the two different halves of his body: one mechanical side, and one mutated organic side, each with their own related weapon and fighting preferences.


Each of Splitface's personalities prefers using a different weapon. The mechanical side prefers using a Shredding Claw, which has the power to slice through steel with ease, and is also armed with infectious spikes. The organic personality prefers using a Poison Plasma Gun (with a precision laser attached that can accurately target over 20 miles) to shoot the deadly and mutagenic substance infecticide.


  • He is based on Two-Face and Blitzwing from Transformers Animated because always having a habit talking to himself.
  • In the Doom Box novel book, he and other villains form their own team.
  • The mechanical side is the aggressive and short-tempter with superior complex, displaying to the dimwitted and overconfident side. The organic side is the whiny, tactical and cowardly, will out smart the mechanical side thinking his ideas is really the mechanical's plans. 
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