Splitface is a Nighlok monster debuting in the Power Rangers Samurai episode "Team Spirit". He is voiced by Simon McKinney.

He has multiple faces all over his body and can steal people's spirits. He does this to make his victim's loved ones sad so that the Sanzu River would rise. He stole Emily's spirit and a group of civilians' spirits. After stealing Emily's spirit, he told the Rangers he was going to the Netherworld, and staying there. With enough symbol power, the Rangers drew Splitface out of the Netherworld. All of the spirits he stole were returned when he was defeated by the Claw Battlezord East. He is later seen attending the annual Nighlok afterlife Halloween party in the episode "Party Monsters".

See also

  • Utakasane, his Super Sentai counterpart in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
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