Splitter is a supporting antagonist in Dinotrux, beginning in Season 3. He is a Sawmetrodon.


Splitter first formed an alliance with him, Blayde, and Pounder to trap Ty's allies so that they could rule the region unopposed. They eventually escaped during a subsequent attack by D-Structs and Blayde on the Trux Garage. All four would later be swarmed by Gearwigs in a cave, which inspired them to lure Ty's group into that cave and trap them; they would succeed, but due to the efforts of the Reptool Click-Clack the Trux escaped and then drove the swarm into D-Structs' cave. Splitter and company would later ambush their enemies near an abyss, only to be driven off after the Cementasaurs Crunk and Chunk came to their aid, which allowed the Reptools to jam Splitter's blades again. A subsequent attack on the group on a bridge they had constructed was likewise thwarted as Ty's group fought as a team, rather than individuals.


Splitter seems to be quite self-centered, caring only for his own needs and not the concerns of others; this occasionally leads him to clash with his allies, most notably Blayde.



  • In group clashes between D-Structs' allies and Ty's friends, Splitter has typically battled with Ton-Ton; this is the only pairing that does not feature two Trux of the same species or opponents who have developed a personal antagonism.


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Splitter the Sawmetradon
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