Sploot is a villain who made a cameo appearance in "Ken 10". He was sent to the Null Void in the same episode by Ben 10,000. It is revealed in Ken 10 during the enhanced Ben 10 marathon during Ben 10 Week that Sploot is an out of control science experiment from Omnitrix City. Ben managed to take Sploot down with really small effort.


Sploot appears in "Ken 10". He (or more accurately, it) is a fairly large creature (estimated at about 10 feet tall), composed of a purple gelatinous substance that seems to be very slippery, since Ken's XLR8 was shown as unable to run on it.

He appears to have some small rocks inside of him, and one larger inside of his head that has a pair of eyes on it. Sploot can stretch his body, or at least his limbs, to almost unlimited lengths. He can also eject slime as a projectile, and has superhuman strength, as evidenced by his ripping up of concrete train tracks with ease.

Sploot was stated to be an experiment from Omnitrix City University gone out of control. Sploot was shown tearing up what appeared to be train tracks until he was defeated by Ben 10,000 and his son Ken. Ben 10,000 defeated him as XLR8 and sent him to the Null Void. He has not been seen since.

Sploot was originally a prototype design for the alien Goop and Upchuck, but was rejected. He was partially redesigned to become a villain for this episode. This means he should be a Gourmand.


  • Sploot's design was one of the prototypes of Perk Upchuck, along with Mot Snikrep.
  • As a prototype of Upchuck, the Omnitrix symbol was on his forehead. He was originally light-blue.


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