The Sporks are the minor antagonists of the Veggietales franchise, Lord of the Beans.


The Sporks were crafted by the evil wizard, Lord Scaryman as his minions. This was told by Randalf when he was telling Toto about the backstory about Scaryman. When Toto and his Fellowship of the Bean are having their journey across Center Earth. They answered the riddle to pass through the Blue Gate, but only Toto can fit through the small door beyond the gate, so he passed. The Fellowship of the Bean was being told about the Red Gate and they pass through it, then they were surronded by Sporks. The Other Elf, the brother of Leg-O-Lamb the Elf baked cookies and the Sporks liked the scent and they said that they only ate what is not nice before and they redeemed. The Fellowship of the Bean and the Sporks met Toto again. There is Lord Scaryman. The sporks did not obey his command again. Toto did the correct use of the bean to fix the land by throwing it in the well.


The Sporks parodied the Orcs (Middle-earth) from The Lord of the Rings who were the minions of Saruman. This is likely to be based on what word rhymed with Orcs. The Sporks appeared as life-sized utensils with angry faces. Their ability is to use their head tip to stab, just like ordinary sporks.


They are made to feel hatred and wanting to serve their master in doing evil, but this is not permanent. When they smell something good, they would want to redeem themselves.


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