Go without hesitation. If you go, you'll see.
~ Spray Banki's final words before his destruction.

The Spray Banki is a spray bottle-themed clumsy Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beasts sent by Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia to steal the Engine Cast of Engine Birca.

He is voiced by Antoki no Inoki.


The Spray Banki made his first appearance at the Hellgaile Palace when being created by Kegalesia for this assignment which is stopping the Engines from getting towards their partner.

The Spray Banki arrived in the Human World as he manage to grabbed hold of the Engine Cast that belonged to Engine Birca. Hant demands to give the engine cast back, but to Spray Banki's response he'd used his ability and open fired on the group as it disintegrates the rock. He'd tried to disintegrate the cast, but he hurt his arm my mistake. So with that said the team trio transformed and battle the Spray Banki if they want to get the Birca's cast back.

A while the main core team opens fire on the Spray Banki causing him to let go of the Engine Cast and they were about to get it, but Kegalesia opens fire on the team and got the cast instead. After that she kicked the Spray Banki down to the ground in order to eliminate the team. So the core duo will have to battle the Spray Banki while Hant battles Kegalesia to get the cast back from her.

As the battle rages on the Spray Banki he was about to finished them off until Sosuke opens fire on the bot. After that he was then defeated by the team's Highway Buster. However the Spray Banki manages to enlarged himself via Industrial Revolution prompting the core members to bring out Engine-O and battle him with some aerial fighters from the Gaiark.

Once they manage to get their engine cast back they join the core members in the giant battle. After that the Spray Banki is then destroyed by this finisher called Engine-O Go-On Grand Prix.

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