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What is that creepy thing?
~ Oswald's Dad on Spring Bonnie.

Spring Bonnie, also known as Pittrap by fans, is the primary antagonist of the titular short story from Fazbear Frights #1: Into the Pit, the first book in the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series. He is an organic version of Spring Bonnie.


Being a variation of the animatronic from the video game series, Spring Bonnie is a bulky, yellow rabbit costume with blue eyes and square-shaped teeth. One difference however is that it appears to be made from organic material, rather than plastic or fabric. When it attacks Oswald at the end of the story, the insides of its mouth are noted to be lined with rows of sharp teeth.


At Jeff's Pizza, Oswald had an argument with his dad and decided to hide in the ball pit. However, upon emerging from the pit, he found himself in the year 1985, in which Jeff's Pizza used to be the establishment of the original Freddy Fazbear's Gang (That has recreations of the Withered animatronics). After Oswald passed a few days in this time at the past pizzeria, one day he heard screaming and cries and watched as all of the customers fled the pizzeria. Then, the Spring Bonnie animatronic lured Oswald in the backstage room, where he saw the bodies of six dead children, put in a sitting position with each wearing party hats. Oswald out of fear went to the ball pit in order to return to his time, while being chased by Spring Bonnie. Once emerging from the pit, his dad and Jeff, waited for him, both being mad at Oswald for hiding in the ball pit. When he and his dad were about to leave, Spring Bonnie emerged from the ball pit and knocked out Oswald's dad, pulling him into the pit. The bunny takes Oswald to his dad's car and arrived at Oswald's home. He tried to warn his mother about the bunny, but she was confused as everyone, except for Oswald and his cat, saw Spring Bonnie as Oswald's dad. After another few days, Oswald sneaked out of his house and went to the pizzeria, where he found his dad still alive. However, Spring Bonnie, who turns out to be organic, followed Oswald and tried to eat him, but luckily Oswald managed to get the bunny to hang itself, killing it.



  • It is a common belief that Spring Bonnie is related to William Afton, the main antagonist of the franchise. However, besides the fact that both are child murderers that are in one way or another Spring Bonnie, there's nothing supporting that.
    • Another common theory is that Spring Bonnie is some kind of demon, spirit or dark entity that has taken the form of an organic Spring Bonnie or possessed a suit. However, demons have never been established in the series before, not counting Old Man Consequences, who called the player and animatronics of Ultimate Custom Night as 'demons', although that seemed more a metaphorical statement.
    • It's been also speculated that he's the SpringBonnie suit used in the Missing Children Incident, haunted by the agony of Afton's victims. This is supported by the fact SpringBonnie has a black tear in the cover, who looks almost exactly like the ones that appear on the victims of The Stitchwraith, a being powered by agony.
    • Ever since epilogue 10 confirmed a connection between Eleanor and the ball pit, some fans started assuming Spring Bonnie was actually Eleanor under disguise.
      • Altthough, they seem to have very different personalities and mannerisms, so it is unknown if they are truly the same.
  • There is a popular theory that Into the Pit revealed the date of the Missing Children Incident, with it being 1985. However, the incidents are actually different.
    • In Spring Bonnie's murders, there are six dead children, while in the MCI there were five.
    • The corpses of Afton's victims were never found, while Spring Bonnie's murders were seen by everyone in the pizzeria.


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