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~ Springtrap to Matt

Springtrap is a character from the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights book series, based on William Afton's undead form by the same name. He's the main antagonist of the story In the Flesh in the book Bunny Call.


Springtrap is a videogame character created by the protagonist Matt for the virtual reality game named after him Springtrap's Revenge. Matt studied real life serial killer's stories to make Springtrap look as scary and unsettling as possible, using him as a way to vent all his rage for all the previously failed relationship. During the playtest of the game, Matt got jumpscared by Springtrap numerous times. Furious for being beaten by his own creation, Matt takes a "revenge" on Springtrap by leaving the game open the whole night, obligating Springtrap to roam for the virtual maze without none to kill, and making each second who passes equivalent to thousands of hours for the bunny. When Matt comes back to his studio the following day, he discovers Springtrap, without none to attack, decided to spawn a stronger copy of himself. Said copy killed the original Springtrap and spawned another copy, with the cycle continuing. Springtrap, however, is nowhere to be found and the files associated to him were somehow corrupted. Matt becomes desperate, since the deadline for the game is in two weeks, and, at the end, he decides to create another Springtrap's AI to replace the older one. In the following days, Matt starts to experiencing nausea, gaining weight and having an unhealthy desire of meat. At first, Matt thinks it's just a virus, but the symptoms don't stop, intensifying instead. Coming back home after another failed appointment with a girl named Emma, Matt realizes there's something inside him. He tries to press on his stomach, trying to reject it trough his mouth, but when that fails, he grabs a kitchen knife and cuts his belly, making a more organic version of Springtrap coming out of it. Before Matt dies he can hear the bunny calling him "Daddy". Later, the body of the developer and a piece of green fur belonging to Springtrap is found by Jason, Matt's roomate, who immediately calls the police. Whatever happened to the organic Springtrap after that is still unknown.


  • It is speculated Springtrap from this book series was supposed to be a representation of Glitchtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted, since both of them are versions of William Afton trapped inside a game who ends up escaping into the real world and causing the brutal death of one of the developers (Matt in the books, Jeremy in the games).
  • In the introduction segment of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, HandUnit tells the player Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for "real world manifestation of digital characters", leading some fans to believe he was referring to the events of In the Flesh. However, this theory, as well as the story being canon, hasn't been confirmed yet.
  • Weirdly enough, this version of Springtrap shares some similarities with the one drawn in the last page of The Freddy Files: Updated Edition, such as the green eyes, the absence of a dead body inside and his glitchy nature. It's possible that drawing was indeed supposed to be a teaser for In the Flesh. However, this can easily be that's just a coincidence.
  • If one counts its manifestation in Matt's stomach as such, this version of Springtrap is the only villain in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise who is a rapist.


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