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Spud is one of the villains of the hit TV show The Simpsons.

He was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


He is Cooder's son and partner and works with his dad at the ring toss at Springfield's carnival until Homer and Bart work there and get them fired.

Cooder and Spud are then invited to live with The Simpsons and Spud teaches Bart how to take things from people without them knowing you know.

Spud can also unhinge all his joints at once. When Cooder gives The Simpsons tickets to go on a boat trip, he and his dad take over their house.

Spud plays Lisa's saxophone in her room and makes Lisa Simpson very mad. But The Simpsons later defeat Cooder and Spud by beating them at their own game and get their house back. Cooder and Spud return working as carnies once again.  

Spud later appears in Hit and Run as a citizen on the streets. 


  • Despite being a male, he was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


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