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Spyclops ultra agents
Raaargh! Now it's personal! Get ready for some hand to hand to hand to hand fighting!Spyclops, after the destruction of his Spider Mech

Spyclops is an evil character and Ultra Agents minifigure released in 2015.


He wears an orange jumpsuit depicting the uniform of an exterminator. He has several cybernetic parts on his body. His torso has a silver spider suspenders at the sides of this and green bottles on the straps. His left leg is the same color of his suit while the right one is grey, both of these have belts on the knees and pouches on the upper legs. His accessory is a spray bottle with transparent yellow-green liquid in it.


Spyclops was once a former exterminator that got corrupted by AntiMatter.

He was first seen when he was ordered by AntiMatter to attack the newest Ultra Agents' HQ, using his army of Spyders, an army of mechanical spiders. He fought riding his mech against the agents, but he lost the battle and was captured in a forcefield cell.

During the attack at Professor Brainstein's lab, he was talking to Invizable, just before he freed all of the captured super villains. Spyclops rode the hoverboard to escape to the sky, which he returned to his owner after they managed to reach the city. He was capturing the civilians after he fought against Caila Phoenix and the UltraCopter, who managed to defeat Spyclops, along with all of the super villains. Later, after the battle, he was seen alongside his fellow villains, all captured in blue containers.

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