Spyglass is a representative of IMC's vast computer network. He was initially in charge of Production and Logistics for IMC's Frontier forces until Marcus Graves defected, at which point he was promoted to Vice Admiral and assumed command of IMC's forces in the Frontier. He is ultimately the main antagonist of Titanfall.


When the IMS Sentinel was sent in to reinforce Sergeant Blisk's forces, Spyglass kept track of its the status of.

During the Battle of Demeter, Spyglass took charge of mission status, troop deployment, and Hardpoint control after Blisk was deployed to the surface to prevent James MacAllan from overloading the main reactor and destroying IMC's main facility on Demeter. When Blisk failed due to MacAllan locking himself in the control room, Marcus Graves orders Blisk to return to the fleet. Marcus then attempted to send out Goblin Dropships to evacuate the forces on the surface, bur Spyglass overrode Graves' orders and made the IMC fleet jump away from Demeter, leaving the IMC pilots to die.

This action ultimately convinced Graves to leave the IMC, and Spyglass became a Vice Admiral and the head of the IMC forces in the Frontier. When the Militia attacked a Hammond Robotics Spectre production facility, He commanded the IMC's forces fighting against them.

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