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Squabbits are a semi-recurring hostile species in Brickleberry, serving the main role of the episode of the same name and being referenced to and joked about in several episodes from then on for the rest of the series.



In "Squabbits", Brickleberry National Park was competing with Yellowstone National Park for attention. Yellowstone had just obtained a baby buffalo, which was bringing in tourists by the dozen. Woody Johnson needed Brickleberry to get a cute animal mascot to compete with them so he ordered Steve Williams to go out in the woods and find one. Steve bred a rabbit and a squirrel, which caused the birth of a new species of creatures called the "squabbit", which was an extremely adorable hybrid animal that immediately won the heart of Woody, who turned the creature into a spectacle, which soon brought in hundreds of tourists. Malloy didn't like the squabbit living with him and Woody at the cabin and told Woody that either the squabbit goes or he goes, leading to Malloy immediately getting tossed out into the backyard. Denzel Jackson start selling tons of squabbit merchandise, but Woody shut down his business, telling him he wasn't allowed to profit off the Squabbit, despite himself doing exactly that. That night, Malloy snuck into the house and kidnapped the squabbit, which he attempted to murder in several ways from putting into an over to drilling him with a power drill, but all these ways failed until he accidentally chopped it in half with an axe, which killed it. Woody woke up and saw what happened, and he was so devastated about his squabbit getting murdered that he kicked Malloy out. In Malloy's absence, the two halves of the split-in-half squabbit regenerated into two squabbits, who had sex, giving birth to more squabbits. When Woody woke up the next day, his crushed spirits were finally lifted when he saw these two squabbits had come back and given birth to four baby squabbits. Woody announced the good news to the rest of the rangers, and everybody was happy about this except for Connie Cunaman and Ethel Anderson, who were concerned about the species overpopulating the planet, which they eventually did. When the squabbits overpopulated the park, they started eating all the grass and plants, but Woody didn't care because this meant he was making more money from tourists. Meanwhile, Denzel made more money himself, secretly selling a bunch of squabbit merchandise to customers on a black market against Woody's wishes. Malloy also had trouble getting by in the real world, now having to live out in nature, away from the luxurious life of a human back at home. Woody eventually started caring about the squabbit invasion, when they became so many, they made the place so overcrowded that the tourists couldn't even get in. Woody eventually got fed up with the squabbits and tried to have them all killed ,but the squabbits were too hard to kill because of their invincibility. Hearing about how people were trying to kill squabbits over at Brickleberry, Pita came in and put a stop to it by locking the Brickleberry park rangers in a cage and killing Bobby Possumcods for stepping on a cockroach to boot. One of the squabbits got a taste of Bobby's blood, which only made it thirsty for more human human flesh and blood. Eventually, all the squabbits became bloodthirsty savages, who attacked all the living humans in the area. The Brickleberry park rangers escaped the cage and ended up on the roof of the ranger station and needed a way to stop the squabbit invasion. Connie said that the squabbits were too hard to kill from the outside and that they needed to be killed from the inside, and Steve got the idea to give them something poisonous but they couldn't figure out what. Woody had recently made up with Malloy and got him to come back to Brickleberry. Malloy helped them summon a Pita supporter, Pamela Anderson, to come by and play with the adorable squabbits, which got her eaten alive by the squabbits. She alone led to the poisonous deaths of the entire squabbit species, killing them all and saving Brickleberry National Park once and for all.


In "Armoogeddon Part 2", a squabbit made a return appearance, when the park rangers were battling the alien cows. Woody took out a squabbit he had hidden in his pocket and claimed he snatched this one up during the events of "Squabbits", just needing to keep one for himself. He then threw the squabbit into the alien cow UFO, while it was taking off, causing the spacecraft to blow up, officially killing all of the alien cows.



  • A squabbit made a cameo in the Paradise P.D. episode "Meet the Jabowskis", being seen as a plush doll in a claw machine.


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