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Squares are the main villains of the videogame Red Ball 4. The squares look very simple, they are a square, with a gray color, while they have orange-black eyes and white teeth.


The red ball finds a red-square, which tells the red ball that the evil-squares changed his form into a square in their factory, where they bring red balls and change them into squares, wanting to change the earth's form into a square.

The red ball then goes on its adventure to save the world of the squares. Once the red ball destroyed the squares factory, the squares escape by going to the moon, starting to create the moon into a square. The red-ball goes on to stop them.

Eventually, the squares get defeated and the red balls find out that the leader of all squares captured a red-ball girl in a cave. Which made the red ball to go and fight for her, and release her from the cave. 

List of members


  • Green Hills Boss
  • Deep Forest Boss
  • Box Factory Boss
  • Moon Boss
  • Cave Boss 


  • Squares
  • Helmet Squares
  • Ninja Squares
  • Bomb Squares
  • Laser Squares
  • Exploding Squares



  • The whole game was created by Not Doppler.
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