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Welcome, my little friend! Or should I say...friends? I am Daroach, the captain of the treasure-hunting Squeaks. I have sniffed out a stash of riches that I must possess. Medals, on this island!
~ Daroach's introduction to himself and the Squeaks in Kirby Mass Attack.

The Squeaks, also known as the Squeak Squad, are the titular main antagonistic faction in Kirby: Squeak Squad. A group of thieving mice led by Daroach, they travel across the cosmos in search of treasure.


Kirby: Squeak Squad

When Kirby was about to have a slice of strawberry shortcake as an afternoon snack, it was snatched by a member of the Squeaks. Kirby chases after the gang across the worlds of Dreamland to retrieve his stolen cake, battling the Squeaks until arriving at their main hideout in Ice Island. Before Kirby could open a chest he believed held his shortcake, Meta Knight grabs the chest and flies to the Secret Sea.

Kirby defeats Meta Knight, but the Squeaks get to the chest first. Daroach opens it believing it to hold a source of ultimate power. However, the chest instead contained Dark Nebula, who possessed Daroach and the Squeaks with clouds of smoke. Kirby then chases after Dark Nebula on the Halberd to the Gamble Galaxy. He defeats Daroach and the other Squeaks, freeing them of their possession, before destroying Dark Nebula.

After the credits, the Squeaks apologize to Kirby and give him his shortcake back out of thanks for saving them.

Kirby Mass Attack

In Kirby Mass Attack, the Squeaks take a minor heroic role in the game, with them appearing on Daroach's airship in cameos. The Squeaks all seek out one main thing, being the medallions that Kirby can collect throughout the game. Upon collecting each levels Rainbow Medallions, however, the Squeaks are able to discover Necro Nebula, the final area of the game where Necrodeus resides.

Upon collecting all of the medals, Daroach offers a final gift to Kirby before departing, that being a game cartridge containing the game's boss rush mode, and the final option in the extras menu.

The Squeaks also make minor appearances throughout the other extra game modes, such as Daroach being a fight in Kirby Quest.

Kirby Star Allies

While not playable or fightable themselves, the Squeaks appear as part of Daroach's moveset in Kirby Star Allies, with him both using its elite members and the common Squeakers.



  • Masanobu Yamamoto, a member of the character design team for HAL Laboratory (the developers of the Kirby series), has stated in an interview that he desires to make a game staring the Squeaks to help flesh them out and make them more popular.


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