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Squeaky is a one-time villain from the FOX animated sitcom The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode "Back to Cool". He is a mouse who used to work for the CIA, before turning on his team and killing them. he only appeared during a one-off joke, presented in a similar format to a cutaway gag.


Cleveland and Donna called Robert over the phone, worrying about where their kids were. Their phone call went to a public payphone, and Robert was not there. Just then, a drunken homeless person attempted to pick up the phone, but grabbed Squeaky the mouse instead. He put Squeaky up to his ear and started talking into it, as though he was making a real phone call. The homeless person said that if the CIA wanted their microchip back, they'd have to personally dig it out of his brain, implying that he has a highly classified microchip in his brain that belongs to the CIA. He soon realized that as he was saying this, Squeaky was clawing through his ear skin, trying to retrieve it. The homeless person then threw Squeaky across the alley and Squeaky went running off, entering a parked van, just around the corner.

When Squeaky got back into the van, two human CIA agents were in there, breaking the unfortunate news to Squeaky that he has just been compromised, and that his recently blown cover is endangering the entire team. One of the CIA agents, pulled a gun on him, ready to take him out. Squeaky begged and pleaded in mouse squeaks, for them to spare him, but they ignored him, saying it was all just part of the game and that "He's gotta get before he gets got.". The screen cut to the exterior of the van, where a gunshot was heard, implying that Squeaky was dead. However, a second gunshot was also heard and Squeaky jumped through the window to escape. Apparently, Squeaky had gotten a hold of the gun and shot the CIA agents. Shortly after breaking out of the van, the van burst into a fiery explosion, and Squeaky ran off to who knows where.


Squeaky is a furry gray mouse with a dark pink tail.


Squeaky is a seemingly ordinary mouse, but he has heightened intelligence, and works as an undercover agent for the CIA. He values his own personal life, greatly and will go to great lengths to keep himself alive, even if it means turning on his allies and joining the dark side.


  • Squeaky is the first of the two mouse/rat villains from The Cleveland Show, with the second being Rat Lauer from "A Rodent Like This".


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