Squee Holla Bae


If I wanted to hear screaming, then I would've stayed at home.
~ Squee

Squee is a minor antagonist in Season 4 of the TV series Lucifer. He is a demon and subordinate of Lucifer Morningstar. He assisted Dromos with his intentions to return the devil to Hell and if not, then replace him.

Whilst possessing Holla Bae, he was portrayed by Cleveland Berto.


After Dromos arrived on Earth in Father Kinley's body, he killed a DJ named Holla Bae so Squee could take possession of his body. They are then seen watching Lucifer and Detective Chloe Decker. They then see him in Lux and attempt to convince him to return home, only for him to refuse. Realizing that they need a new king, Dromos and Squee went on a killing spree to summon more demons, and then have one kidnap Amenadiel's Nephilim son Charlie, with the intention on him being Lucifer's replacement.

He is then seen present when Dromos declares to Eve that they don't take orders from her. Later, after the demons stole Kinley's vial to give to Charlie and send him to Hell, they are confronted by Lucifer, Eve, Amenadiel and Mazikeen. While Eve escorts Charlie out, Squee fought Mazikeen in which she defeated him and sent him back to Hell. However, in the end, Lucifer returned to Hell in order to prevent the demons, including Squee, from returning to Earth, leaving Holla's soulless body unoccupied.


  • Squee is the most hated demon in Hell, as Lucifer said that "Everybody hates Squee".


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